First set of videos from my Avalon trip!

I’ve uploaded the first set of videos from my Avalon trip to the YouTube channel.  They are a must view for anyone who is planning a possible trip to Avalon.  They will give you a general idea of what the Avalon beach and boardwalk looks like before you go.  You will not be disappointed.  It is very peaceful and clean.  Avalon does have a boardwalk, but it is not very commercial like some of the others (Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City), although there is a shop or two, an arcade, and a restaurant or two.

Watching these videos will show you what a beautiful place the Avalon beach is.

The following videos will give you a great feel for the boardwalk in Avalon.  Although this was filmed early in the morning, the relaxation level is the same all day long.  There’s no partying or loudness here at all, only peacefulness!  It is quiet compared to the other Jersey Shore boardwalks.

These videos were actually recorded the day before my bike ride.  Since I stayed in Avalon, I didn’t need to go far to record.  Hopefully they will provide you with a good representation of how a vacation in Avalon will feel.


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