How to create the perfect ad for your Jersey Shore Rental Property!

You finally decided to start renting out your Jersey Shore vacation property.  Seems to be an easy task, but some of the best homes will not rent out if the advertisement does not convince renters to inquire about your property.  As the owner of several vacation rental websites I get the opportunity to see which properties get good traffic and inquiries and which ones don’t.  Follows are what I feel are the most important parts of your vacation rental listing.

The title – This has to be one of the most important things to consider.  When a renter clicks on a city to view the properties in that city, the title is the headline that is seen.  Remember that old saying about first impressions?  Well this is one of your first impressions to the renter.  A poorly written title could mean a not so great property.  Try to key on some of the best features of the property in the title.  If space allows, it may even be a great idea to include the name of the town.

Example of title in search results


Pictures – In today’s world, it is so easy to place a picture of your property on the web.  The more the better, but if you are not tech savvy, get at least one picture up there (let me know, I will personally help you).  I would have to think that most renters just breeze by all the listings without photos.

Description – This is another one where I see a lot of rental managers and owners making big mistakes.  They copy and paste the description from one rental website to the next.  If you are doing this, it is advised that you stop.  First of all, you could be breaking copyright laws.  In your agreements with some rental websites (in the fine print) you agreed not to do this and gave them the copyright to your description.  Secondly, there are two prime ways to get traffic to your rental listing page.  The first is someone clicking on the city and selecting your property from the results and the second way is search engines.  Someone could possibly find your rental page via a search engine.  If you use the same title and description on every site you use, then some of this content may not get indexed.  Therefore, it is best to write a unique description for each site where you list your rental.

Amenities – Most websites allow you to select available amenities.  Make sure you select as many as are applicable to your property.  Some websites allow the vacationers to search based upon the amenities.  It wouldn’t be nice if a renter searched for properties with a hot tub, your place has a hot tub, and your property was not in the results because you missed a check box.

Contact Information – If possible leave a cell number and not your home phone.  By the time you get the message (if they even leave a message) and return the call, that renter has already spoken to ten other owners.

Any other information you think could make it/break it for a renter – The more information the renter has about your property, the better.  Imagine if you didn’t allow pets.  Now think of all the inquiries you receive from people requesting pets.  If this was included in your advertisement, you could have avoided all of these “Waste of time” calls.  Worse yet, imagine the person who forgets to ask and shows up on vacation day with his/her pet at your property.  This could have been prevented.

This is not a complete list, but I think this covers some of the most important components of the vacation rental advertisement.  Follow these ideas and you’ll be on your way to writing the best ads.

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