Jersey Shore Rentals Peak Season is almost here!

The summer is almost here.  The weather has been great lately in the Philadelphia and Jersey Shore areas.  Do you have your summer rentals booked yet?  We have ours.  I’ve been going to the Stone Harbor/Avalon area every summer for about 10 years now.  My wife has been going every year for almost her entire life.  I very highly recommend this area!

Many of the desirable rentals are already booked for the summer.  If you procrastinated, there still may be hope.  Your first step should be to check our Jersey Shore Rentals website for a place you might like.  If everything you like is booked, there are still some options.  Some of the local real estate agents are your best bets.  You may also want to try looking at a location that has a larger amount of properties for rent.  For example, rentals are more plentiful in Ocean City and Wildwood than they are in Stone Harbor or Avalon.  If you can’t find a place in Stone Harbor, try Ocean City.  It still has the “Shore Atmosphere”, but there are many more available properties.  Check into some of the following websites:

Berger Realty – They have a lot of Ocean City Rentals.

Cabrera Realty – A great selection of rentals in Wildwood area.

OceanSide Realty –  They seem to have a nice selection in the LBI area.

If you have no luck on the websites, try calling some of these agents. Many times they get cancellations and the websites just aren’t up to date.  Adjusting your selection criteria may also be helpful.  For example, if you have 10 people (5 couples for example) in your group you would look for a 5 bedroom place.  You could get creative and maybe find a 3 bedroom and a 2 bedroom place within a block of each other. If you don’t mind driving to the beach everyday, you could think about a place that is a little further away, which can also save you some serious money.  Reducing your amenity requirements is also another possibility.  For example, do you really need WI-FI while on vacation?  Stop logging into work while at the shore, its vacation.

If you didn’t book your rental yet, all hope is not lost.  You still have some options.  Some of our suggestions may be the answer you are looking for.  Hopefully you and your family find the perfect place and have a great Summer Getaway!


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