Jersey Shore traffic up this year?

Our website is doing fantastic!  Advertisers of property rentals on our site should be doing well.  I just finished reviewing some of the analytical data for the site and the number of visitors to this site is up by about 22% compared to this exact same time period last year.  This is great news.  Unfortunately, I cannot share any more specific information for strategic reasons (If I shared more information, others would try to copy the strategy, especially non legitimate sites).

I assume the nice increase is due to one of the following reasons:

  1. There are more people seeking Jersey Shore Rentals this season.
  2. The site itself is actually doing better.  For example, more people are using this site as their source for properties.

Whatever the reason, this is great news for property advertisers using our site.  I personally think both of the above reasons contribute to the increase.  I think as the economy comes out of recession, more people will be seeking vacations.  I also have put some more time into the promotion of the site which also factors into the equation.

We’ve had a really impressive spring on the East Coast this year.  Hopefully the summer of 2012 is just as enjoyable as the spring has been.  Good luck to all of the owners and managers on your properties this renal season!

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