Another great reason to visit the Jersey Shore: Niagara Falls!

My family and I decided to take another vacation this summer.  It’s our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer and the summer also marks my dad’s 70th birthday.  So we planned a vacation and wanted to go somewhere special with the entire family.  We decided to go to Niagara Falls and stayed on the Canadian side.  It was perfect since it was within driving distance and seemed like a fun place.  So now that we’re back in the states, I have to say it was an awesome vacation.  I would not be reporting the truth if I said otherwise.  The big problem with this place was the cost!  It’s level of awesomeness was way less than the cost.  The cost was just unbearable.  Both places are beautiful, but you could have the same amount of fun at the Jersey Shore for a fraction of the cost.

These people will gouge you and nickel and dime you to death for every cent they can get out of you.  The average burger and fries at a non-fast food type of place was about $18.  Add on a 13% tax on top and your close to $20 for a burger and fries.   Now here’s where it gets interesting.  They actually have a voluntary 3% tourism tax that gets tacked onto every bill.  Yes you read that right, a voluntary 3% tax on top of the already ridiculous 13%.  Although this tax is voluntary, they sneak it onto your bill and don’t tell you about it.  How shady are these people?  I’ve successfully had it removed from my bill every time I asked.

How does $25 per night to park at the hotel sound?  $10 per night for a small refrigerator in my room, $7.50 for an iced coffee at Starbucks and much more price gouging.  Oh, and a 13% tax on top of all of that.

My advice is to stick to the Jersey Shore for a great vacation.  Although Niagara is a great place, the enjoyment you will get does not justify the cost.  If you want to see the falls, there are about a million pictures and videos floating around the web.  You could google image search it or youtube it and save a fortune.

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