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Jersey Shore Rentals are the ideal get away. The Jersey Shore offers visitors 127 miles of beautiful coastline. There are many small "Beach Towns" along this coast. Each of these places is unique and offers visitors a different perspective of the shore. House and condo rentals are an ideal way to experience these different towns. The goal of this website is to unite guests with the perfect rental. All of the properties are independently managed. All communication will be with the owner or manager of the property. With no "Middle man", this ensures that you will always get the best possible service. Although we are certain that you will find a rental to suit your specific needs, we recommend bookmarking this site since new rentals are always being added.

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Featured New Jersey Shore Vacation Rentals

Renters: Browsing the listings is FREE and there is no need to register for browsing. Summer rentals are not the only popular ones. The Jersey Shore is also popular in the offseason, although summertime is the busiest time of the year. Many of the more popular destinations will be fully booked in January. Therefore it is recomendded to make your reservations early.

Owners/Agents: All owners and managers (including agents) are welcome to advertise on our site. This is the most cost effective way to promote your property. Listing is very easy and does not take any technical skill other than basic internet skills. It is also fast. Your listing can be created in minutes and active instanly. There is no waiting period such as there is with other sites. The number of listings you can create is unlimited. Our only request is that you only create one listing per property.

Many of the property managers on this site offer both summer and winter rentals. Weekend rentals are more difficult to find in the summertime, but become more popular during the cooler seasons. Most managers would prefer to rent an entire week at a time as opposed to a weekend. In the summer, the demand is so high that there is really no incentive for managers to offer weekends. In the winter, demand drops thus increasing the possibility of a weekend rental.

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